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Current Clients

In Press Public Relations

Role: New Business Development

Since the inception of Painter-Lowe Communications, we have worked closely with In Press Public Relations who are a full service PR and advertising agency based in Berkshire. We carry out new business development for them over the phone, making appointments for their Principal to visit prospects that we have developed, and for her to then sign them up as new clients. Business which has been won as a direct result of our efforts include several retainer-based PR accounts, brochure design work and exhibition stand design.

Buryfield Grange Ltd

Role: Marketing and New Business Development

This Independent Financial Planning practice specializes in pension transfers and investment business. Painter-Lowe Communications oversaw the generation of all the new literature for this company, built a database of potential clients and carried out telemarketing on their behalf, resulting in appointments and several new introducers being signed up for the Company.

Cygnus Publishing

Role: Media Sales

We are the UK based representatives for two American publications aimed at the airport and ground support industries. We have responsibility for all sales in the UK and Ireland, France, The Netherlands and Spain. This relationship has been on-going for over a year and includes attendance at exhibitions as part of the Publishing Team. In the first 12 months of our relationship, we have generated more revenue from these territories for the publications than has ever been generated before.

Bell Publishing

Role: Media Sales

Painter-Lowe Communications carry out work for Bell Publishing selling advertising into one of their publications aimed at the Food & Drink Industry. We have sole responsibility for advertising sales into two of their Nutraceuticals supplements and attend exhibitions on behalf of our client when required. We work totally autonomously but are trusted to bring in the required business levels without overt supervision.

Family Care International (FCI)

Role: Exhibition and Sponsorship Sales

Working for FCI, who are a US based charity, Painter-Lowe Communications have just completed a contract selling stand space and sponsorship for an exhibition and conference that took place at ExCel in October 2007. The project consisted of the generation of a database of potential exhibitors and sponsors from both the commercial and NGO markets; stand and sponsorship sales and allocation; overseeing all the invoicing and insurance issues for exhibitors and sponsors and attending the exhibition on behalf of the client. From a starting point of zero, within six months we had established a credible exhibition and several sponsors for the event.

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